Thoughtful Parenting Dvd

This DVD is designed to give you a chance to think about what is important to you about your parenting, to generate discussion and explore themes relevant to parenting– the issues, the joys and the challenges.

As parents, one of the most crucial aspects of the role is the way we are reflective and thoughtful about our children, ourselves and our parenting. When we take the time to stop, pause and think about what is going on for ourselves and our children, we are more able to stay attuned to what our children need and to respond in a way that meets both our child’s needs and our own.

The DVD is designed to be watched on your own, with your partner or other parents. The questions at the end of each chapter can be used to generate discussion and share your thoughts and experiences of parenting.

Use the booklet to read along with each of the chapters you watch. It will give you more information to reflect upon and talk about.

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